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Q: How do I order GARBOLE wines?

A: It is possible to receive our wines by registering with our site using the appropriate section (authentication section) which will then allow you to forward your order.


Q: Can I purchase online?
A: In order to purchase our wines online you must be 18yrs old or older. It is possible to place an order online by inserting your details in the authentication section. We will then contact you to confirm order, payment and transportation details.


Q: How do I know how much each wine costs?
A: A request for prices can be made through the authentication section on our site.


Q: What are the sale, transportation and delivery conditions?
A: GARBOLE sends its items using carriers throughout Italy and abroad without limit in order size and only after receiving payment. The transportation costs are calculated based on the order size and the destination of the order. Transportation outwith Italy will only take place if permitted so by the rules and regulations covering the import of wine and alcohol products of the country of destination.


Q: Is it possibly to buy directly from the winery?
A: GARBOLE does have a sale point located at its winery. Payments can be made using debit or credit cards (excluding American Express)


Q: Is it possible to receive free sample?
A: The policy of GARBOLE does not foresee the provision of issuing free samples. If you are unable to book a tasting session at our winery it is suggested that you place a small order to satisfy your tasting needs.


Q: Is it possible to receive a data sheet of your HURLO wine?
A: HURLO is an autonomous spirit free of all bindings and predefined parameters and as such is devoid of a data sheet.


Q: Why is it that GARBOLE wines are no longer included in the guidebooks?
A: In the last few years GARBOLE has no longer sent samples for “examination” to the guides/competitions or such like, due to the fact that our wines refused to take part, therefore we were forced to make this choice.


Q: What praise have the wines of GARBOLE received?
A: GARBOLE has obtained and continues to receive a lot of praise, accolades and appreciation from its clients and its backers.


Q: Is it possible to visit the winery?
A: Yes it is. Visits to our winery are available to small groups (maximum 8-10 people) and must be booked in advance. The average time of each visit is 2 hours.


Q: Is it possible to taste the GARBOLE wines?
A: We accept small groups (maximum 8-10 people) for tasting sessions at our winery. Bookings must be made in advance and will roughly last for 2hrs.


Q: Why doesn’t GARBOLE produce Valpolicella wine Ripasso?
A: Garbole made the choice not to produce Valpolicella wine Ripasso as we do not approve of this technique and above all because the wines do not wish to be “refermented”.


Q: Who are GARBOLE lovers?
A: GARBOLE lover is anyone that shares and sustains the ideas, values and projects of GARBOLE. Even you can be GARBOLE


Q: How does one become a GARBOLE Lover?
A: Becoming a GARBOLE Lover is simple: it is enough to follow the authentication process in the specified section on our site to allow you to follow, sustain and participate in project GARBOLE  (subscribe newsletters form: see  below or on the sidebar)


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to assist you.

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