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We never know how high we are

Till we are asked to rise.

And then if we are true to plan

Our statures touch the skies.

The Heroism we recite

Would be a normal thing.

Did not ourselves the Cubits warp

For fear to be a King.

                                                                                                 E. Dickinson

italian wine travels - Garbole

Garbole: italian wine travels through the italian excellence



ROSSOFILO expresses a taste, a style, a creative identity of a way of understanding life, recognized and recognizable.

Improve themselves to improve the world around us through the ability autonomous and independent , to be able to identify and recognize the people and things of value. We must above all improve ourselves to allow us to improve our family, professional and social relationships.

This is the founding principle of “ROSSOFILO” the multicultural vessel through which GARBOLE promotes and divulges its focus on people and on the acquisition of knowledge which is a fundamental means to the everyday search for the meaning of life.

ROSSOFILO is therefore a metaphor for the meaning of life, the thread that unites knowledge to taste, quality to value and person to person.

Art, culture, multisensory sensations and emotions, a path that existed before wine; this is the experience that awaits all visitors to the GARBOLE winery, a place which we love to define as not merely a “winery” but a place where we also produce wine.

Not only  italian wine travels but a journej of the soul. Italian wine travels may be opportunities for growth.

Events where it is possible to meet people and exchange views are periodically held by GARBOLE under the ROSSFILO emblem.

Love of beauty and search for the inner and outer wellness,  this our ” Winess Philosophy”. All those who share our philosophy and who support the project and the project Garbole Rossofilo, are fully Garbole LOVER .

You too can be “GARBOLE”




From a trickle to a river!

This manifesto is for everyone who believes themselves to be autonomous in their judgement and do not require to be “guided”.

We support the right of anyone to own and be responsible for their own reputation and opinion without feeling compelled to delegate to a “guided” information system.

The tasting of a wine is a unique and one-off experience when compared to day to day realties, which means that the formation of the entire sensation is both dynamic and variable.

We support and promote the authentic distribution of information in a controlled way counteracting asymmetry and distortion of information.

The tasting of a wine is an expression of awareness, a relationship with reality that needs no mediation; it is the awareness of the facts as they present themselves in that precise moment; it is the awareness of how we perceive and interpret them.

We support the right of everyone to independently choose and evaluate a wine without the need to receive “information” which may condition their views.
Wine is a private pleasure.

We support the right of an individual to free themselves of preconceived judgements and to liberate themselves from the conditions of “guided” information which, time and again, only serves to impose specific and particular schemes or models.

The interpretation of a wine cannot be lived in the present and in parallel with the tasting; it is concluded the moment it enters the mouth without following acquired or standardised criteria; it should not be intended as an absolute objective data in as much as it is an inevitable human experience of the person who generates it; it should be understood as a flow of information and emotions of which quality and quantity relate to the established human climate.

We support the right of the wine to speak directly to the taster without him being led astray by what is already known and implied about the wine, by logical necessity, by linguistic and cultural stereotypes or by linguistic scarcity.

Above all a good wine is about emotion and connection.

We support the right of everyone to approach a wine with respect and love, if necessary taking into account any doubts and scepticism towards preconditions and concepts, which up until the moment of tasting, were previously garnered from the information constructed, selected and passed on from the use of a “guided” information system.

The sensory perceptions and sensations are subjective and variable depending on the person, attention, practise, emotive state, place and moment.

We support the right of anyone to form their own unique and individual opinion based on their personal tasting experience and on the available information pertaining to the place, people and production process.

The best way to appreciate a wine is to meet it personally in its place of birth and with the men who produced it.


We are convinced that Rossofilo can become a river.